Friday, May 22, 2015

5 Common Myths about Online Reputation Management Debunked

Your business’s reputation online is something you cannot undervalue. Simply put, a good reputation means higher conversions, while a tainted one drives potential money away. In an era where consumers’ interests can be very fickle, you have to employ measures to maintain your business’s positive image. So for starters, here are some of the commonly held notions about online reputation, which may do your business more harm than good if you adhere to it: Your company name does not appear on Google so you’re doing fine. Just because it’s not in the search results doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Unless you take time to learn more about reputation management, you won’t see where those reviews could possibly be. In fact, many businesses discover numerous complaints about their business online too late, blaming sales decline only on factors that they are aware of.

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