Thursday, October 16, 2014

Using Online Reputation Management Experts to Nurture Dining Cred

Sometimes, it takes pop culture to understand the reality of how reputations can make or break you in the restaurant business. An early story arc in the comic series 100 Bullets featured a bartender who was once a famous restaurateur until he was arrested for possession of online illegal material; although he discovered that the material was from a random email prank, he lost the business and his family left him in the process. When such a picture proves worrisome for a restaurant owner who wants to be in good standing with his community, he can go for an online reputation management package through an agency like Reputation Local LLC. One of the key indicators that a restaurant is moving on up in cyberspace is when it has a website advertising its offerings, backed up with quality pictures of the place and dishes. A check of several restaurant websites also notes sections for customer feedback.

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